Welcome to Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers, Inc.!

Welcome to Baumann Consulting

We are proud to announce our new brand: Baumann Consulting, the culmination of our commitment to elevating high performance buildings and communities from a niche segment of the market to the industry standard.

This past year our company transitioned to a period of newfound independence and sustained growth. We expanded our ability to support our clients and their communities with the addition of offices in Chicago, Denver, and Frankfurt, Germany as well as the continued development of our richly diverse team. With interdisciplinary knowledge and diverse cultural backgrounds, we offer new perspectives and innovative solutions to our client partners.

The thoroughness and creativity of our team of engineers, architects, planners, and consultants, combined with our depth of understanding of the entire life cycle of buildings, results in tangible improvements to energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall portfolio value. Over the past eight years our work has included more than 200 projects ranging from commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial buildings, to larger scale projects encompassing entire campuses, cities and counties. Regardless of project size or scope, our mission is to positively impact the lives of our client partners and their communities.

Please note that the rebranding and name change does not affect the legal personality of the existing entity Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers, Inc., which retains its rights and obligations in all existing legal relationships with third parties. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to continued partnership and appreciate your support during this exciting time in our development.

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